Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why using VPS?

There is disadvantage using Expert Advisor (EA)
If the power of your pc is off or internet connection disconnected, your Expert Advisor won't trade.
So if you have floating position, you''ll pray for the power is on or internet connection back to normal,

Expert Advisor can't close position while power is off, except you code the Expert Advisor to use Target Profit and Stop Loss as they are recorded in broker server. Don't forget about Stop Loss hunting by broker if you use this.

So I use VPS to overcome unstability of internet connection.
VPS is cheaper than dedicated Server and make sure the VPS you choosed is for trading forex.

Right now, I use CNS for the VPS. Its for Trader only and have maintenance when forex market is over in the weekend.

So far I'm using it until now, without having a single problem.

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Nobitacu said...

Thanks! I was going to ask you what VPS you use and recommend, looks like I've found the answer. ^^

Chin said...

May i know which VPS package you are using ?

duyduy said...

Hi, Chin.
I use CNS, never have a problem since Feb 08

U can click CNS banner on top of this blog.

Trey said...

I like CNS. Have been using it for sometime.