Sunday, April 6, 2008

Why Forex?

* Forex is the world’s largest market.
* Forex markets trade 24/5 a day.
* The forex market is the most liquid in the world.
* Forex offers up to 1:500 leverage
* We can automated our system using Expert Advisor (EA) on Meta Trading platform

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Industry Averages said...

the foreign exchange market has managed to become the world's largest financial market, over the last three decades.

With “free of commission” trading, Forex trade lets you keep 100% of your trading profits. This makes Forex trading even more attractive as a business opportunity, especially for those who want to deal on a regular basis.

forex trading strategies said...

Short but nice intro to forex trading. Thanks. Looks like you have put much work to your site. Good luck in your business.

Ashfaq said...

Nice post about forex listing the main points about it. However, since the past years and the economic people are tending more towards the Eminis which is a fifth the investment. One of those is Emini S&P system which is easily accesible using internet anywhere in the world. Forex needs often building softwares to keep up with the trend , right ?
Also, I would like to say that eminis is suitable for day traders, so, check out if you are not so fond of the way forex works. :) cheerz.. wonderfully designed blog

I am from mauritius island btw and sending a sunny week ahead.. :)