Monday, April 7, 2008

Why using EA?

When You have a system that profitable in forex,
You will trade forex by that system manually.
But you have to stand by 24/5 day in front of the PC for trading.
Maybe you will missed it while you sleeping or take a shower.
Rather than that you can code your system become Expert Advisor.
The Expert Advisor will do 100% just like your system did (if you coding it right) and you won't missed it while you sleeping.
So if your system failed or loss, than your Expert Advisor will loss too.
That's what I called it Automated Forex.

They are tons of Expert Advisor such as Scalping EA, Trend Ea, Ea for ranging pair, etc...
You must choose the right EA for the right market condition, if you are using Trend EA on ranging market, Of course you will lose!

So don't take Expert Advisor as holy grail. How good is your system is gonna loss too as market changing.
If that happened, you gonna have to make or find other Expert Advisor for the current market condition.

Expert Advisor is just a tool to make you trade forex easier.

One other impartant think, Using EA to reduce human error (emotion, fatigue, greedy, etc)

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