Wednesday, December 3, 2008

GridWeaver EA

I've been testing "GridWeaver EA" since 3 Nov 08

But i get this email on 17 Nov 08
Hi Kerry,

Bob and I thought it would only be fair to give you advance notice that we
are going to cut back on our product line and halt sales of the GridWeaver
as of this coming Friday. We have discovered that it is becoming
increasingly more difficult to provide the level of support that we would
desire to provide, and so feel that trimming our product line will give us
a chance to take a breather, and re-examine our business model to find ways
that we can improve and streamline our processes. We felt that the
GridWeaver would be the logical choice to withdraw at this time, because it
is our newest EA, and it will also give us time to re-examine the EUR/GBP
as it has moved into new territory.

Those of you who own the GridWeaver do not need to fear that you will be
abandoned. We will continue to provide you with all the benefits of
continued improvements and all future updates to the EA. You can take
satisfaction in knowing that you are part of a very exclusive group of
users of the GridWeaver, because it will not be available to others in the
foreseeable future.

The RoboMiner and GT-Shadow will still be available. The RoboMiner is much
simpler to use, and requires less support, and the GT-Shadow is being sold
as a tool that will appeal to advanced traders. We are hopeful that this
decision will lower our volume of e-mails, so that we can do a better job
of attending to research and testing and other things that are more
critical for future success.

We feel this decision is necessary due to the volume of e-mail. Quite
frankly, we are having a hard time keeping up with the e-mails and
questions that are coming in 24 hours a day. One way in which you can help
is to read all of the PDF documentation, and also read through the FAQs
before asking your question. In many cases, it has already been answered.
In other cases, the answer can be readily deduced from information already

I would like to thank you for being a part of our web family. It is our
desire to not only meet, but exceed your expectations in your dealings with
us. We ask your understanding for those times when we fall short.

Jerry Brunet

I keep testing GridWeaver EA although it's discontinued.
GridWaver EA is a good EA but the beware of the floating minus.
Here is forward test graphics since 3 Nov 08

You can download detailed statement dated 3 December 2008
The balance is up + $2292 but it has floating minus about $14000
Scary huh :D

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