Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Forex Gold Trader EA, 10 Weeks result

One of my blog reader recommend me to to test "Forex Gold Trader EA"

Forex Gold Trader Ea is for Gold and Silver only that take advantage of the price of those comodity that will up in long term

I decided to test in on Gold and Silve since 2 March 2011 using "Insta Forex Broker" using $2000 balance

But have some problem about testing the Silver,
The Seller use FXDD broker and the silver contract size is 1000.
I'm testing using Insta Forex Broker which the contract size for Silver is only 500
So in Silver I double the lot in order to get 1000 contact size like FXDD

March 2011 result = +$233
April 2011 result = +$347
May 2011 result = +$532.49

Here is my forward test graphics since 2 March 2011

You can download detailed statement dated 24 May 2011

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the_silent_one said...

Have you the link to this ea for me to buy please..

duyduy said...

the link is in the post
just click it