Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forex Morning Trade EA, 7 Weeks result

"Forex Morning Trade EA"
It is 100% mechanical system with clear rules; it places one trade a day in the morning. It doesn’t require you to watch your position, the trade hits the profit or loss automatically.

What I found about Forex Morning Trade EA :
* is not a scalping EA
* Work in M15 Timeframe
* Give best result on GBPUSD Pair.

I decided to test it since 8 October 2010 using FXOPEN with $10000 balance

October 2010 result = +$2448
November 2010 result = +$4120

Here is my forward test graphics since 8 October 2010

You can download detailed statement dated 29 November 2010

For Indonesia Version, click here

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Jazzie Casas said...

I have tried around 10 forex dealers from which i found FINEXO the best from me. In order to profit from the forex market, you will need strategies not the broker and also the will to mold these strategies against time. Traders who lack a well thought out trading plan are prone to panic and confusion, when unexpected swings in the forex market occur. Many traders will tell you that trade driven by emotion is the fastest way to deplete your funds. Whether or not you are using a technical or fundamental style, it is still essential that you have a proper view of the market.

Successful traders often have a unique style of trading and take up various strategies during a trading session. Only continuous practice will help you gain a feel for the movements of the forex market.

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