Friday, September 17, 2010

Pip Brains EA

"Pip Brain EA" Feature :
Risk:Reward Ratio - Pip Brains strives to provide one of the best risk to reward ratios when it comes to automated trading. Our advanced entry/exit algorithms with our state of the art trade management system will give the best risk to reward ratio you could ask for!

Dynamic Take Profit & Stop Loss - Unlike typical systems, Pip Brains exit strategy is controlled dynamically instead of using static take profit and stop loss values. Highly optimized indicators will decide if a trade should be closed early, or left open for more profits.

Trailing Stop - This feature while available, is not used in our optimized settings.

Recovery Mode - Will help reduce and protect from potentially large and dangerous draw downs.

Day Filters - Pick and choose which days you want Pip Brains to trade on, and which days to avoid.

Hour Filters - Pick and choose which hours you want Pip Brains to trade during, and which hours to avoid.

Risk Control - Adjust your risk to what you are most comfortable with. By default we use a low risk setting for our results.

Max Order Control - Decide how many max orders can be opened at any given time.

Magic Number - A way to differentiate the trades Pip Brains makes from other expert advisors you may be running so there is no interference.

There are 3 Different Strategies For Different Market Conditions but I test it only strategy 1 and 2 on EURUSD and USDCHF pair.

I test it using FXOPEN with $10000 balance.

August 2010 result = +2013.31
September 2010 result = -$5002.60

Here is my forward test graphics since 11 August 2010

You can download detailed statement dated 17 September 2010

For Indonesia Version, click here

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