Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forex Cash Protector EA, 1 Month result

"Forex Cash Protector EA" also uses two(2) main strategies.

One for the "slowly but surely" traders who believe in achieving moderate gains with very little risk over the course of time (This strategy is traded on the 1 Hour Time Period and trades less frequently).

The other strategy is very effective on a 5 minute chart and is able to trade frequently. It carries more risk, however the key to this strategy is that Forex Cash Protector does not risk more than what a fraction of your trading account's balance is able to manage.

I test Forex Cash Protector EA using FXOPEN on 5 minutes TimeFrame since 1 May 2010

Mei 2010 result = +$285
June 2010 result = $85.5

Here is my forward test graphics since 1 May 2010

You can download detailed statement dated 3 June 10

For Indonesia Version, click here

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