Saturday, June 12, 2010

Duyduyfxinsta Managed Account

Duyduyfxinsta is member of Duyduy Network and is Introducing Broker from Insta Forex.

Duyduyfxinsta open a Managed Account that managed by 3th party
For performance since 27 APril 2010, u can see it below

Terms & Condition for the Managed Account :
1. Open new Insta Forex Account from
2. Don’t Forget to type LDZ in the Affiliate Code on registrasion form.
3. Leverage must be set to 1:600
4. Minimal deposit $1000
5. Profit sharing 70% for investor and 30% for trader. Trader receives no fee when trading is not in profit at the end of month.
6. All risk are on investors behalf.
7. You won't get any rebates from this managed account program
8. Trading will be stopped when trader doesn't receive profit sharing within 7 days after withdrawal.

You can read the details in Duyduyfxinsta Managed Account

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