Saturday, April 10, 2010

Smurf Ultimate EA

Smurf EA is my 1st created EA that I go live on real acct since 23 March 2009. I finally decide it to stop using it and withdraw all the money on 4 April 2010.

It's about 1 year on real acct.
I stop it because it give bad result since 2010. Maybe the market is changing. But in 1 year time give profit 231.55%

To me it's quite good result. U can see the details below

U can see my previous post about Smurf EA in here

Another big reason why I stop using Smurf EA because I develop new EA called Smurf Ultimate EA

Smurf Ultimate is a scalping EA
At first I made Smurf Ultimate work on EURCHF pair only

I use it on real act in "XXX" broker
1st day on 28 October 2009 is 20% profit.
2nd day on 29 October 2009 while up 5% suddenly my acct is disable.
But I can withdraw all of my money. U can see the details below

Then I use it on other broker, spread EURCHF is 4 and fixed.
From 23 November 2009 until 18 December 2009, profit only 41.63% then in January 2010 EURCHF spread become 7 until today :D
Again, I withdraw all my money. U can see the details below

Than I modified the Smurf Ultimate EA to works on major pairs
On 1 March 2010 I open 5 real acct to know which pair give the best result

=GBPUSD pairs=== ===EURUSD pairs=

=USDCHF pairs=== ===USDCAD pairs

All 4 pairs in one acct

Today, 10 April 2010
Smurf Ultimate is just one month old. So it's to soon to judge Smurf Ultimate EA.
I hope it will last minimum one year like his successor Smurf EA

EDIT : I decided to make wd all about my acct in Prime4x broker, because I heard lot's of negative comment about Prime4x withdrawal in Indonesia.

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Ross said...

Hello Mr Duyduy..

that Smurf Ultimate EA is it available for sale?
I would love to try it out

duyduy said...

Hi Ross,
Still don't decide it
Want to sell or do a managed acct or not.

JOSE said...

hi mr duyduy, I'm interested too in your smurf ultimate ea, so can you send me information about cost it? thanks

Jeff said...

Hi Duyduy, I check out your blog about every week for the last few years. I've been running EA's for about three years. Very enjoyable and addictive. Your Smurf Ultimate looks interesting and I know a few of us would like to purchase it and test it. Thanks for all the updates!

duyduy said...

Hi Jose and Jeff,
Smurf Ultimate is not for sale,
But I still consider it for managed acct. But I have to test it further because just 1 month old in real acct.

Btw Jeff, are u Jeff from FXAW?