Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Forex Sniper EA, 4 Weeks Result

"Best FOrex Sniper EA" is another martingale family EA

I test Best Forex Sniper EA since 20 January 2010 on pair USD/JPY and EUR/CHF with $100000 Balance and use conservative setting in FXOPEN

January 2010 result : +$2889.43
February 2010 result : +$4816.53

Here is my forward test graphics since 20 January 2010

You can download detailed statement dated 17 February 2010

For Indonesia Version, click here

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Abiyanto said...

It's obviously a martingale system. But on their website, they show a non-martingale system statement.
Do you think that they show a fake statement ?
Or do they release a newer version ?

In fact, it's too dangerous to trade USD/JPY using this EA. Just try to back test it on November and December 2009, then you will see what I mean :)