Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PipsMiner EA

Taken from the website :

"PIPS MINER EA" has been designed to trade whilst the London market is operating (and 1 hour after it closes). This means that the PIPS MINER is working for you for 9 hours a day. If the market conditions are not favourable, the PIPS MINER won’t open any trade. But when they are in favour it will open several trades at the same time to generate a decent profit.

The robot trades EUR/USD currency pair on M5 chart. This is the most stable pair (unless some really bad news hit the market), as well as the most traded one.

There are 3 version of pipsminer

I test it using PipsMiner Standard Edition from 13 November 2009 using $10000 balance
November 2009 result = -$150

Here is my forward test graphics since 13 November 2009

You can download detailed statement dated 25 November 2009

For Indonesia Version, click here

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