Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poison Robot EA

I found another Trend Following EA called "Poison Robot EA" I decided to test using FXOPEN

I tested Poison Robot v2 Pro. Here about the Posison Robot v2 Pro EA :
* Works best in GBP/USD dan EUR/USD pair only.
* It have fixed stop loss and fixed top profit.
* Have trailing stop feature.
* The EA Don't open any trade on Friday.
* Detect news event to avoid major economic news.
* It's not a scalping EA.

I test Poison Roboet EA since 9 August 2009 with $10000 initial balance.
August result = +$3534
September result = -$3427
October result = +$6047

Here is the result of each pair

Here is my forward test graphics since 9 August 2009

You can download detailed statement dated 13 October 2009

For Indonesia Version, click here

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