Sunday, October 25, 2009


I got many emails asking about FX Genius EA in which is sold for $2000

How FX Genius EA work :
The EA tries to perform Broker Arbitrage by make scalping trades on one broker based on a reference price feed from a second broker.

It contains 2 EA's (Master and Slave).
Master EA goes to M1 chart of broker with "fast data feed" and Slave EA goes to M1 of "slower data feed" broker.
When price on "fast data feed" broker moves, Master EA sends order to Slave EA to open trade in that direction, because price will likely go there.

In order FX Genius EA to work :
Need to find the fastest free data price feed from an MT4 broker and the slowest feeds from MT4 brokers which allow "pip hunting" and have low spread. Don't forget about the slippage, requote and latency too.

And the most important things, most broker don't allow "Arbitrage, Internet Latency and "pip hunting" strategy. They will warn u or will suspend your acct if they find out.

Here is detailed statement in live acct using FX GENIUS EA.
When u see the statement, there is "bonus voided" and "RM issue". It means that all the profit is voided and can only withdraw the deposit. Why? Because the broker don't allow this kind of strategy.

So in my opinion FX Genius EA is a VHG EA (Virtual Holy Grail EA) which give best result on demo acct only.

Any comment??

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Anonymous said...

what broker did u use for the slow data feed and the fast data feed, thanks