Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forex Invader EA

My friend ask me to test "Forex Invader EA" I test Forex Invader EA using FXOPEN

This is taken form Forex Invader EA website
"But what makes Forex Invader so special?"

Besides the amazing results, this robot is not a scalper and is not a long term trader. While scalpers are great for short term profits, most of them fail in the long run -- and while long term traders make good profits in the long run, they are not as powerful in the short term.

Forex Invader is a mix of both! It's a unique technology based on my very own experience and month of testing and tweaking -- one that you can call, a "long term scalper".

The high winning rate of more than 90% makes this robot very profitable and at the same time, because of the low draw downs, extremely safe to use.

It said in manual, best result is using EUR/USD pair on 5 minutes Time Frame and use default setting. TP is 25 pips and SL is 100 pips.
I test it since 18 October 09 using $10000 balance
Here is my forward test graphics since 18 October 2009

You can download detailed statement dated 21 October 2009

For Indonesia Version, click here

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