Monday, September 14, 2009

Dragonpips EA, 22 weeks result

I got many email asking about "Dragonpips EA" so I decided to test it my self using FXOPEN

Balance $10.000,-
Start 13 April 2009 until 30 April 09 +$2471
May result +$851
June result +$7820
July Result +$665 until 10 July. My demo acct is expired.

U can see my Dragonpips last forward test in here

Now testing Dragonpips EA since 13 July 09 with $10.000,-
July result +$1008
August result +$3694
September result +$3442

Here is my forward test graphics since 13 July 2009

You can download detailed statement dated 14 September 09

For Indonesia Version, click here

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smith said...

saw the report of dragonpips, it's great and stable EA, how perfomance of EXTREME EDITION?

Anonymous said...

this the last update of dragonpips robot?